Saturday, 24 September 2011

What goes around , it comes around . Remember this ? KARMA WILL GET YOU BACK FOOL !

Dearest lovely backstabber, don't u just love me to post every single thing about u in my blogspot ? so u mad ? sorry to ignore then . so what can i say ? i just cant get enough to post about u , u , and u . My blogspot just love you how u love to stab others . fair and square isn't it ? Darl , the facts are the earth isn't ur wonderland . u cant have every single thing that u want . u don't deserve even a forgiveness . u can't control the world . and now , u cant control others no more . our brain aren't fool like it used to be . u can't fool us with ur fuckin' lies no more . like i said before , we wont fall under ur lies anymore . oh karma , karma , karma . they'll arrive soon towards u . u said it before to me because i was avoiding u . and i answered , i dint do anything to u . karma will just come and destroy my life then just walk away ONLY IF i had done something really wrong , like u . u cant avoid from the karma darl . u dont hve any exscuse and u just cant . god always be fair and square to what have he created . he knows which is a sin and which is not and sooner u'll pay it back by urself . u'll get what u deserve and u'll be sorry . and remember what u said  ? what goes around , it comes around . u said it by urself . but u forget to look urself in the mirror . u forget ur life . u said others bad words , but u just dint realize that u are talking about urself . u ruint evrybody's life and u nver realize u're destroying ur life too . people starting to hate u now . dint u realize the way people avoids u ? u hurt them one by one , same as u stab them one by one . someday somehow , someone will stab u back . u'll know whats hurt . u'll know evrything what we felt sooner . evryone just love u at the past . but u ruint it by urself with ur fuckin attitude . u're one of the rumors who always corrupting situations . backstabber is worst than a stealer . remember , if u think this is ur world , u're so wrong morron . hoping that no one will help u when the karma is striking u . even ur bestfriend that u always hope for , they raising their hands up and  pretending that there's nothing happen i pray . and i swear ,  evry words is a supplication . pray for ur own blessness from god . b'cs evilness is heading to u  .

P/s : dear backstabber , post like this its been always for u . don't deny everything that i post . b'cs i always talk about the reality . im not a story maker , and IM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN LIKE YOU . so deal with it .

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