Thursday, 29 September 2011


The fluttering snow are pieces of stars, stretch your hands to the heavens,
you can feel all the wishes being made right?
Everything is all now in Monochrome.
The white breath I gently breathed out were the words I wanted to convey.
The warmer it was, I'm sure the more the sky brightened.
My wings soaked in sadness take me to a pure white purity,
a tender courage for the future given to me.
My heart beats waits for the dawn of a new world,
taking the light with me on a journey, a new tomorrow begins for me.
A strong will starts to wane and reflecting myself,
I can advance without losing my way,
in my smiling eyes I have a radiant compass.
I melt my frozen memories and along with the love I've taken a hold of,
I feel what's beyond the sky without ever looking back,
We each follow our own orbit, even if we don't meet again,
we're connected by the galaxy.. the light has shown us.
The fluttering stars are like sand and are gently stroking my heart.
My dream's afterimage quietly sleeps,
everything is still all in Monochrome.

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