Friday, 15 January 2016


Hello people! 

I just finished high school! So, I wanted to create a new blog like 2 days ago but, BUT I found my old blog which is I created it when I was still in primary 6. It has been awhile, isn't? The last post that I posted was on 9th October 2011 about my so-called best friend. Hah, I'm not gonna talk about her because she's a pig. I'm a mean person, but who cares. Anyway, it's already TWO O' ONE SIX. I don't even remember why I stopped blogging but the good news is I'm gonna start post everything starting today. I'm kinda excited and feels embarrassing at the same time. I read all the posts that I posted like 5 years ago and it is so E M B A R R A S S I N G. Oh well, what can I do? Bahahaha.

I had a boyfriend when I was in Form 1. I met him through an online game named ' Mo Siang '. After for so long playing that game, my brother asked me to join him to play a new mmo game named ' Dragon Nest ' . So, he also joined and that was where sad things happened . He met a girl, and day by day they became really closed. They skype like almost everyday but he never tell me. And every night while we were on the phone, he forced me to go to bed, again and again and said that he was really sleepy. I was like 'Okay, its fine. I'm gonna off to bed too' Bla bla bla. And the next day, I was talking to my brother and he told me that my boyfriend were playing games with him until morning. He also told me that there was a girl with him. Curiosity kills me so I went to check his facebook and I saw their chat. Hah, I know. I shouldn't do that but what to do what to do. So, I tweeted something on twitter and my boyfriend saw it so he got mad and changed his facebook password. SO WHAT. I was mad so I didn't play Dragon Nest for like 5,6 months. I found a new online game which is I'm still playing it right now. I liked the game so I was playing it by myself because my boyfriend didn't want to play it with me and said that he was busy with his guild and stuff on DN. After that, I created a new character on DN and leveled it until max level just to check on him. Yup, I was a stupid one. :P
And every time I went to check him, he was always with that girl. It hurts really bad. Hehe.
I really wanted an attention from him so I told him that I created a new character and yadayada.
We had a big argue for a month. He told me to give him a second chances. I gave him. It happened a lot of times and I still gave him chances. IT HURTS AND I CRIED LIKE ALMOST EVERYDAY. Yep, stew-pids. So, I don't really remember when was it but I was like ' fuck it ' and bla bla bla . He told the girl that I was her girlfriend. She got mad and went comment on my facebook post and said ' I'm sorry, but *** is my boyfriend. :) ' WITH A SMILEY FACE... I got mad at my boyfriend. And, he screenshot some of their chat and that girl said she knew my twitter, she knew my facebook and my instagram. She also said that shes gonna tell me that she showed her ( . Y . ) to my boyfriend . ANDDDDDDD WHATEVER I STOPPED TALKING TO MY BOYFRIEND BECAUSE I KNEW THAT EVERYTHING THAT CAME OUT FROM HIS MOUTH WERE LIES. AND, the last thing that he said to me was ' Thank you for everything ' . AND past is just a past. Heh.

My PMR result was okay. Didn't get really much A's but I was in Account class, with my best friends duh. It was fun fun. Waiting for my SPM result on March. Scary.

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