Sunday, 9 October 2011


We said it was forever - said we'd never part,
I knew it was a line, but I still gave you my heart.
Said you would stay, promised you could,
You chose to walk away, I knew you would.
You’re not there anymore, my dearest friends,
I hate to say this, but it is our end.
By day you’re one person, by night another,
Neither of them have anything to do with each other.
I sit here and cry for you - not for me,
What you've become, I wish you could see.
In your life you make friends that you're sure are true,
Nothing else matters, except what's between them and you.
You don't know if anyone has ever before felt this way,
For them you took breaths, you wanted to be alive everyday.
It hurts to loose a friend, it gives you the saddest frown,
And when a second one bails, it's like getting kicked while
you're down.
And it hurts to be accused of something you didn't do,
You guys should know better than anyone, that I would never even think to.
You planted a knife in my back,
You were my life, but now, my memories of you are completely black.
I am afraid to love another, but I know I shouldn't be,
Because the people in my life, are perfect for me.
There is this game I play,
Where I close my eyes and fade away.
I can't believe it's true,
but in this place, I can't even remember that I loved you.
You can't fix something that's already done.

Farewell Mandha. </3

Thursday, 29 September 2011


The fluttering snow are pieces of stars, stretch your hands to the heavens,
you can feel all the wishes being made right?
Everything is all now in Monochrome.
The white breath I gently breathed out were the words I wanted to convey.
The warmer it was, I'm sure the more the sky brightened.
My wings soaked in sadness take me to a pure white purity,
a tender courage for the future given to me.
My heart beats waits for the dawn of a new world,
taking the light with me on a journey, a new tomorrow begins for me.
A strong will starts to wane and reflecting myself,
I can advance without losing my way,
in my smiling eyes I have a radiant compass.
I melt my frozen memories and along with the love I've taken a hold of,
I feel what's beyond the sky without ever looking back,
We each follow our own orbit, even if we don't meet again,
we're connected by the galaxy.. the light has shown us.
The fluttering stars are like sand and are gently stroking my heart.
My dream's afterimage quietly sleeps,
everything is still all in Monochrome.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

What goes around , it comes around . Remember this ? KARMA WILL GET YOU BACK FOOL !

Dearest lovely backstabber, don't u just love me to post every single thing about u in my blogspot ? so u mad ? sorry to ignore then . so what can i say ? i just cant get enough to post about u , u , and u . My blogspot just love you how u love to stab others . fair and square isn't it ? Darl , the facts are the earth isn't ur wonderland . u cant have every single thing that u want . u don't deserve even a forgiveness . u can't control the world . and now , u cant control others no more . our brain aren't fool like it used to be . u can't fool us with ur fuckin' lies no more . like i said before , we wont fall under ur lies anymore . oh karma , karma , karma . they'll arrive soon towards u . u said it before to me because i was avoiding u . and i answered , i dint do anything to u . karma will just come and destroy my life then just walk away ONLY IF i had done something really wrong , like u . u cant avoid from the karma darl . u dont hve any exscuse and u just cant . god always be fair and square to what have he created . he knows which is a sin and which is not and sooner u'll pay it back by urself . u'll get what u deserve and u'll be sorry . and remember what u said  ? what goes around , it comes around . u said it by urself . but u forget to look urself in the mirror . u forget ur life . u said others bad words , but u just dint realize that u are talking about urself . u ruint evrybody's life and u nver realize u're destroying ur life too . people starting to hate u now . dint u realize the way people avoids u ? u hurt them one by one , same as u stab them one by one . someday somehow , someone will stab u back . u'll know whats hurt . u'll know evrything what we felt sooner . evryone just love u at the past . but u ruint it by urself with ur fuckin attitude . u're one of the rumors who always corrupting situations . backstabber is worst than a stealer . remember , if u think this is ur world , u're so wrong morron . hoping that no one will help u when the karma is striking u . even ur bestfriend that u always hope for , they raising their hands up and  pretending that there's nothing happen i pray . and i swear ,  evry words is a supplication . pray for ur own blessness from god . b'cs evilness is heading to u  .

P/s : dear backstabber , post like this its been always for u . don't deny everything that i post . b'cs i always talk about the reality . im not a story maker , and IM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN LIKE YOU . so deal with it .

Like i said before. A backstabber, will always be a backstabber.

yo jerk . seems like once again , im right about you fucking backstabber . and once again , u polluted ur own name . u're funny , u never get bored and tired for being a backstabber and hurting evrybody arounds you . hell im not trying to spread the harsh way . but u the one who make me , so what can i do ? someday somehow , u'll know whats the consequent for being a fucking backstabber . Oh , did i forget something ? yo , im not gonna hide anything no more . darn , u're not just a backstabber . u're a fucking story maker too huh ? is that the only thing u do all this time ? how could u be so heartless to those innocents ? oh , i knew what they felt . i knew whats their thoughts . i knew evrything whats on their mind right now . i've been gone through all these situations man . u never know how we felt . u never know what we think . and u never know anything for being the innocent and still , there's the heartless came and hurt us without any hesitation . And that is u the one who being cruel . damn , im tired of your dramas to the innocents . stop hurting man . stop dreaming , u're not getting a name of popularity from spreading others secrets . now its our turn paying back by our hateness , avoidings and what u should get . ur sorry wont be enough to cure . ur petition wont be accept  . and ur sweet talks wont we hear . u backstabs , u swivel convolusions stories , u hurting , oh i swear u'll pay it back someday . even u gave us hundreds of apologizes , we will pay u back with millions of ignorance . even some of us forgave u , we wont trust u anymore . we wont hear to ur sweet talks no more . we avoiding u and ignoring u instead . bastard , we wont fall under ur lies anymore . we wont be one of ur victims no more , i swear . my oh my , u're such a drama queen . backstabber , please dont give me that face and impressions when u read this . ohyeah , ur alias is a backstabber now . dont feel ashame of urself ? i know u're stalking my blog , but whatever u judge whatever u wanna say i'll ignored and keep typing about u . what ? now u're speechless for seeing these ? im not satisfy with u , so do others . u the one who forced me for doing these . and dont forget , u the one who polluted ur own name , so dont be such a slam bang for denying all these fucking bullshits  . only u the one whom controlling ur life . so u have a choice , but u chose the wrong path man . Oh and look what i found in 'i need a doctor' lyrics . Dr.Dre rapping part - FUCKING BACKSTABBERS ! - Dude , even Dr.Dre said that.    *And this what I called hateness*




Tinggal Kenangan :')


 Me & Akir

T.O.P Family



Monday, 19 September 2011

Now im a main character , let me be selfish .

many times until now .
maybe it was a constant self-control .
maybe i was crying inside .
i can't give away the dream i chose myself .
even though i was always a side character ,
even though i'm a shadow ,
let me be in the centre when i dream . let me be honest baru la .
frequently , somehow i didn't…

New Heart

A new heart has form . I love a white boy , but i will just make u as my fren , Good Friend . White boy , don’t walk in front of me , i may not follow . Dun walk behind me , i may not lead . Walk beside me , and just be my fren . < pfft , phrase.


this bah i wonder . i wanna try to gather up this swelling wind .
go past the peak of the waves racing toward him .
Im prepared and even if , the road ahead is far gila ,
i’ll continue toward my painted future .
as time rushed through me ,
the beating of my heart tiba2 sped up .
even if i awaken in the middle of my dream ,
im searching for the same light as u do under this glittering starry sky .
with the countless constellations and shadows .
huhu b4 all this i wonder ,
i wonder wat were u staring at ,
i wonder wat u were staring at .

Try to understand it...

One leaf clover - Unlucky
Two leaf clover - Unlucky
Three leaf clover - Unlucky
Four leaf clover - not a chance to get it .

Four leaf clover - never exist on perfect form .
Leaf clover - me - unlucky
Leaf clover - unlucky - me
Unlucky - u
Too unlucky - u do .
The girl is just like u , unlucky .

Once upon a time ,
there was a unlucky boy ,
He wanted the best at his worst ,
so he left the girl .
He fall into a clover field ,
and found a one leaf clover .
He wanted a two leaf clover ,
but he promised the girl , but it was too late .
He wanted a three leaf clover ,
the girl is still waiting for him , but he was unlucky .
He wanted a four leaf clover ,
but he was too unlucky . 

a dreamboy :)

i want a boy who will move the hair away from my eyes, and then kiss me. who will hold my hand in line at the mall and make all the girls jealous. a boy who will sing to me at random moments. who lets me sleep on his chest. i want a guy who will tell his family and friends all about me. bring me soup or orange juice when i’m sick. i want a boy who is more goofy than romantic, but knows the right things to say at the right times. i want a boy who will call me 3 times a day if he went away. a boy who will apologize for calling too much, and no matter how many times i tell him its okay, he’d still do it. a boy who will let me gossip to him and just smile and agree with everything i say. a boy who will throw stuffed animals at me when i acted dumb and then jump on me and kiss me a million times. who will bet kisses on who could beat who on at game. who makes fun of me just to make me laugh. a boy who will surprise me with 25 cent ring and we could have contest of how far we can spit our gums. who will take me to the park, put his hands around my waist and give me big bear hugs all the time. a boy who will kiss my neck, just to have a reason to tell me how much he loves my new perfume. i want a boy who, at night, who will dance in his pyjamas with me. a boy who will take pictures in photo booths with me, someone who will never turn down a trip to the lake and who will play tag on the beach with me. a boy who could sit with me on the kitchen floor and eat sandwiches. who will kiss me in the pouring rain. i want a boy who would try to teach me how to play the guitar, even if we just end up laughing at each other. i want a boy who will run his fingers through my hair, share his lollipops with me, and get along with all of my friends. someone who would never be afraid to say i love you in front of his friends and someone who would argue with me about silly things just to make up. i want a boy who will take me to target to just make fun of some of the stuff there. someone who will kiss me at midnight on new years and who will make funny faces at me when i’m on the phone. i want a boy who will count the stars with me and be friends with my family. i want a boy who will stay home with me on a friday night just to help me make dinner and watch movies together under the same blanket. someone who will squirt water guns at me in the house after i’ve got him soaked. i want a boy who looks me in the eye and tell me something serious, that was also funny and make me promise not to laugh. a boy who could make me laugh like no one else can. i want a boy who will hold me closer than normal when i’m sick, and would play with my hair. but mostly i want a boy who is my best friend and will always be there for me.

I'm just a teenager with too much dreams.

Well, being a teenager is vastly overrated. We all make mistakes, we are stubborn and we couldn’t give two shits what our parents think, we hate school, we cause shit, we fight, we love, we cry, we give up on believing in a higher power. 
We all fucked up and that’s the truth, we all come from dysfunctional families, because no family is perfect; we said things that we don’t mean, we yell, we scream, we get broken-heart.
Grades don’t mean a thing anymore, we live on quotes and music that describes our lives and most importantly we are tired. We are tired of waking up each morning and having to go to school where we see the people we hate or people we love, we get tired of waiting for the next massage that’s not going to come and we get tired of pretending we’re find.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wish is just a Wish..

Sometimes i wish i could just be a little kid again. So when life gets tough you can just play pretend. I wanna go back to when Santa did exist. When your dad was only the boy you ever kissed. When Disney World was the best place to be. When the only movies you could see were rated G. When your biggest problem was learning to write your name and people didn't change.. and your friends were the same. And every time you were sad or had a bad day. You could just run to mommy and it would all be okay. I wanna go back to no hurt.. and no pain.. just laughter . When everyone always lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'll revenge, just wait

uii Gorilla, apa yang kau jealous sma saya smpi kau mau kasi buruk2 sy ni ?
pathetic oh kau, ish3. penyakit kau kali tu kan ? cian tul2 kau ni. eee.
please lah, nda juga saya mau gaduh sma kau tu, bidaaa ~
sdhlah ada dua muka, peii ! tu mulut lagi lah, mau cuci guna klorok pun nda pndi bersih2 tu .

I'll revenge, just wait.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Taking my precious best friend from me is so wrong , damn u

Asshole -.- I mean, u AGAIN? this is so wrong. so fuckin' wrong. nobody can take my best friends especially a person have an attitude like, u? dint u get enough of what u've done? Well, i dont know what kind of person are u. but how many times did u changed ur best friends? u make us to be ur best friends, but u backstabed us. then u make my best friend to be ur bes tfriend, than u backstabed her again. and now u're aiming her? my precious best friend? u're so pity u know? I hope u know what im talking about. I knew, u still have ur backstabbing attitude right? im not shock. so chill out. so her's the fucking damn thing, im so not gonna let this happen. MARK MY  WORD IN UR HEAD. AND MARK MY EFFIN WORD IN UR LIFE, U ASSHOLE.