Friday, 19 August 2011

Taking my precious best friend from me is so wrong , damn u

Asshole -.- I mean, u AGAIN? this is so wrong. so fuckin' wrong. nobody can take my best friends especially a person have an attitude like, u? dint u get enough of what u've done? Well, i dont know what kind of person are u. but how many times did u changed ur best friends? u make us to be ur best friends, but u backstabed us. then u make my best friend to be ur bes tfriend, than u backstabed her again. and now u're aiming her? my precious best friend? u're so pity u know? I hope u know what im talking about. I knew, u still have ur backstabbing attitude right? im not shock. so chill out. so her's the fucking damn thing, im so not gonna let this happen. MARK MY  WORD IN UR HEAD. AND MARK MY EFFIN WORD IN UR LIFE, U ASSHOLE.