Monday, 19 September 2011

Try to understand it...

One leaf clover - Unlucky
Two leaf clover - Unlucky
Three leaf clover - Unlucky
Four leaf clover - not a chance to get it .

Four leaf clover - never exist on perfect form .
Leaf clover - me - unlucky
Leaf clover - unlucky - me
Unlucky - u
Too unlucky - u do .
The girl is just like u , unlucky .

Once upon a time ,
there was a unlucky boy ,
He wanted the best at his worst ,
so he left the girl .
He fall into a clover field ,
and found a one leaf clover .
He wanted a two leaf clover ,
but he promised the girl , but it was too late .
He wanted a three leaf clover ,
the girl is still waiting for him , but he was unlucky .
He wanted a four leaf clover ,
but he was too unlucky . 

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