Saturday, 24 September 2011

Like i said before. A backstabber, will always be a backstabber.

yo jerk . seems like once again , im right about you fucking backstabber . and once again , u polluted ur own name . u're funny , u never get bored and tired for being a backstabber and hurting evrybody arounds you . hell im not trying to spread the harsh way . but u the one who make me , so what can i do ? someday somehow , u'll know whats the consequent for being a fucking backstabber . Oh , did i forget something ? yo , im not gonna hide anything no more . darn , u're not just a backstabber . u're a fucking story maker too huh ? is that the only thing u do all this time ? how could u be so heartless to those innocents ? oh , i knew what they felt . i knew whats their thoughts . i knew evrything whats on their mind right now . i've been gone through all these situations man . u never know how we felt . u never know what we think . and u never know anything for being the innocent and still , there's the heartless came and hurt us without any hesitation . And that is u the one who being cruel . damn , im tired of your dramas to the innocents . stop hurting man . stop dreaming , u're not getting a name of popularity from spreading others secrets . now its our turn paying back by our hateness , avoidings and what u should get . ur sorry wont be enough to cure . ur petition wont be accept  . and ur sweet talks wont we hear . u backstabs , u swivel convolusions stories , u hurting , oh i swear u'll pay it back someday . even u gave us hundreds of apologizes , we will pay u back with millions of ignorance . even some of us forgave u , we wont trust u anymore . we wont hear to ur sweet talks no more . we avoiding u and ignoring u instead . bastard , we wont fall under ur lies anymore . we wont be one of ur victims no more , i swear . my oh my , u're such a drama queen . backstabber , please dont give me that face and impressions when u read this . ohyeah , ur alias is a backstabber now . dont feel ashame of urself ? i know u're stalking my blog , but whatever u judge whatever u wanna say i'll ignored and keep typing about u . what ? now u're speechless for seeing these ? im not satisfy with u , so do others . u the one who forced me for doing these . and dont forget , u the one who polluted ur own name , so dont be such a slam bang for denying all these fucking bullshits  . only u the one whom controlling ur life . so u have a choice , but u chose the wrong path man . Oh and look what i found in 'i need a doctor' lyrics . Dr.Dre rapping part - FUCKING BACKSTABBERS ! - Dude , even Dr.Dre said that.    *And this what I called hateness*


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