Friday, 15 January 2016

My precious bestfriends ('; ♥ UPDATED.

Bellep | 罗莎贝拉 

Snapchat - Rozabelle

She was born on 18th August 1998 and her parents named her Rozabelle Pediman.We were schoolmate for 14 years. We didn't really talk to each other until we were primary 6. Let's just say I was a really talkative person and really mean to other people. I didn't talk to her because she was not that, hm I don't know, she was not that friendly to other people unless people came and talk to her. She was a weirdo, like really. She wore a really long socks like she was in a ballet class with two ponytails. The funniest thing that I still remember was when my friends and I saw her blue underwear while she was wearing sport wear and she cried. Hah! I didn't know she was exist till then. My bad. Anyway, we were in the same class like almost every year. Oh, except when we were in Form 2. My result was bad when I was in Form 1 so I had to move to a lower class. Even though we were in different class, we still keep in touch and shared everything. And, when we were in Form 3, she had to move to a lower class too which was the class that I was in. AND SO ON. She's kinda annoying and sometimes it's pissing me off but that's what best friend for right? So, it is already 2016, and day by day she is getting old but it doesn't matter if she's getting old because she always forget like almost everything. Such a noob. I'm really thankful that she is my best friend, my partner-in-crime and etc. You know, I don't really want to talk much about her because it is wasting my time but whatever, once in a blue moon. Boom. No one wants to start a fight with her and I don't know why, maybe it is because of her fuck face. Too pretty to handle. Well, there were so many memories that we shared, so that is one of the prove. 

Ying | 黄莹莹 


 The name of this person is Sharon Bong. She was born on this world on 11th January 1998. She's very caring and love everyone around her. We have been best friend since we were small. This girl, she is really good at pretending but I know everything because she is one of my best friend so I'm not gonna fall into it. Two-faced but she's really a funny person. She always saying that she was hungry and when we went to eat, she only ate like really small amount. I was like 'WTF'. She is really a skinny person. Good sense of humor ( sometimes ).  We made this one group chat named ' Girl's Secret ' and there are only 4 members inside it. She always screenshot someone and sent it to our group chat. One of her hobby. And, she is a really good stalker. She even knew those people grandpa grandma great grandma or whatever it is. And of course, she is annoying too. Like REAAAAAAAAALLY annoying but I keep myself calm. We have the same skin colour, I think. Not that white, not that chocolate. 50/50, hehe. If she didn't satisfy with someone or any situation, she never keep quiet. All that she do was telling people and post about it. She knows if her friend is in hurt. She is the shortest one among 4 of us. We always argue about silly things and that is what I like about her.



The name is Nur Shila Abd Rahman. She was born on 12th October 1998. The first time I met her was when she moved to our school like 4 years ago. We were not that close until she moved to our class while we were in Form 4. Day by day, we getting close to each other and we shared a lot of things. And one day, her sister came to our class and told her that they have to go home asap. When I looked at her, she had this 'surprised' look on her face but I had a bad feeling. So when I was home, I saw her post on facebook and it says '29/9/2014' with sad faces. And from there, I knew something bad happened so I asked her and she said that her dad passed away because of car accident that morning that was why she had to go home. I was speechless, I didn't even know what to say to her. So, I said condolences and I told her to stay strong. The next day, she didn't come to school. And everyone was like ' poor Shila , that is so sad ' etc . Maybe after a week, she came to school. She was really different. She didn't really talk much. We knew that it was hard for her to let it go but we tried really hard to make her smile. She did smile for awhile but it was a fake smile. And of course, I know it would be really hard to smile and laugh. I don't even know what am I gonna do if one of my family member pass away. It is like half of us died. But then, after for so long. She was good. She smiled and laughed a lot. Even though she was sad, she didn't really show it to us. She still trying to be tough in front of us and it was okay. Anyway, she is a very kind person. Her exam results were always flying colours. A friendly person and yes, she is pretty too. Although sometimes she annoys me but I always do miss her. We shared a lot of memories too even though it was only for 2 years. We don't really know where she is right now. MIA. Didn't even reply our chat but, yes we miss her all the time.

{ So these are my best friends that will always be there for me . I can always count on them even though sometimes we argue.  We laugh together and we had so much fun . We've been so strong last year . The precious tears we drop i won't forget . no matter what happen we're still having each other . ♥ }

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